Sunnyside Gardens Park

Sunnyside Gardens Park Tennis Club Rules


1. Walking behind courts or in the areas adjacent to courts during play is distracting and should be avoided. Wait until the ball is no longer in play before trying to enter adjacent courts to retrieve your stray balls. Return stray balls from other courts promptly to other players.

2. Court must be vacated exactly on the hour. Unfinished games or sets may NOT be completed unless no one is waiting to use the court.

3. Players must conduct themselves according to accepted tennis etiquette, e.g. controlling frustration caused by loss or disruption of play. Cursing, yelling, arguing, damaging the courts, the nets, or other fixtures will not be tolerated and may result in loss of reservation privileges.

4. Smoking is NOT permitted in the tennis court area or on the patio.

5. Do NOT litter the courts. Dispose of trash, recyclables, and compostables properly.

6. No spectators are allowed on the courts except on the patio.

7. Parents of the children in lessons, clinics or youth programs may watch from outside the fence in the area adjoining Court 1.

8. Only flat soled tennis shoes may be worn on the courts. Running shoes or shoes with ridges/grooves of any kind are prohibited. Shirts must be worn at all times on the courts.

9. If you are the last players on the court for the day, members MUST brush the court and pull back the dividing nets and secure them to the poles at the back of the courts.

10. If courts appear wet and/or have puddles after heavy rain, they are not playable. For confirmation, check Skedda or contact


1. Reservations may be made by designated “CLUB” members ONLY. All other park members may play based on “court availability” at the posted hourly rates holidays or evenings. Child/Teen Premium Members may play during Prime Time with any Adult Premium Member. 8AM and 9AM reservation times are for PREMIUM Members only.

2. Reservations may be made through Skedda, the on-line reservation system, 24 hours in advance of playing time.
ONLY Adult/Teen Premium, Adult/Teen Off-Peak Members may make reservations.

3. Reservation privileges are assigned when a member has paid their dues at the beginning of each new season.

4.Every member will be registered in Skedda and assigned reservation privileges to match their payment category.

5. When a member reserves a court they must be on the court and playing at the time of the reservation, e.g. parents cannot reserve a court so that their child/children can play.

6. Each Adult member may make ONLY ONE HOUR RESERVATION PER DAY. You cannot reserve a court for yourself and another member for two hours in your own name. You may not reserve a tennis lesson and reserve another hour of play in your own name. You may, however, play for more than one hour provided the reservation is made by another member.

7. During “Prime Time” hours, members are not allowed to play singles with a non-member guest. See below for Prime Time hours.

8. All reservations start on the hour and end on the hour according to the court clock.

9. A reservation is lost if the court is not claimed by the member within 10 minutes after the hour.

10. If courts cannot open at the scheduled opening time and are not playable, a reservation is lost for the hours the courts are being rolled and prepared for play. The member will have to check the schedule and reserve a court for later in the day if there is an opening. Members who have a reservation at the time when the courts are opened after they have been prepared will keep their court time.

11. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE THREE HOURS PRIOR TO A RESERVATION. Any member making a reservation and not using it (except in the event of rain or closing) more than two times is subject to losing their reservation privileges for the next two weeks.

12. Children except Child/Teen Premium Members are NOT allowed to play during Prime Time hours unless taking a scheduled clinic.

13. An Off-Peak Member must pay the hourly rate if they wish to play during prime time hours unless participating in a “Social Doubles” event/tournament or taking an adult clinic with the instructor.

14. If a member wishes to play with a Non-Tennis Club member, they must complete a tennis guest waiver with the name of their guest. The waiver is on the park website: under the Tennis Tab.

15. Non-Tennis club adult students taking lessons or clinics must complete the guest waiver on the park website: under the Tennis Tab and pay the $30 fee for each lesson or clinic they take.

16. Non-Park member parents may get a Non-Park Child Clinic Membership. They may complete the application and pay $60 for a Non-Park Child Membership.

17. All guests paying the hourly rate MUST vacate the court at the end of the hour. You will be automatically charged for the second hour if you continue to play past 15 minutes into that second hour.

18. Courts MUST be vacated when park closes. NO EXCEPTIONS!


8–10AM – Monday through Friday
5PM – closing – Monday through Friday
8AM – closing – Weekends and Holidays


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