PICNIC GROVE guidelines



SGCA membership includes the use of the Picnic Grove at any time based upon availability.  However, should a member request a table(s) be reserved (regardless of when the reservation is made), fees are applied and payment is expected.

Time slots:

(Tables can be reserved for a full day)

10:00AM to 3:00pm

3:30pm to 15 minutes prior to Park Close


$5 per Table 

$5 per BBQ 

$5 per Non-Member

$25 fee assessed for not showing up for reservation or for not adequately cleaning up after event


Ø  No glass bottles!  No exceptions!  Non-compliance with this rule will result in the immediate cancellation (with full payment) and removal of your party from the Park grounds.


Ø  Riding equipment and ball play in the picnic area are strictly prohibited.


Ø  Black garbage bags and blue recycling bags will be supplied to you.  ALL garbage bags are to be removed from cans, tied and put into dumpster located by the side gate.  Do not leave any bags behind.


Ø  Out of courtesy to our neighbors, do not move portable grills toward our neighbors' backyards by the wall and keep any amplified music at reasonable volume.


Ø  No Grilling within 40 minutes of closing time 


Ø  If your party will end late in the day, start your clean up at least 45 minutes before closing. 


Ø  Leave your coals to burn out naturally.  Do not pour water or ice on the grills; this will rust the BBQ.


Ø  Pay picnic rental fees to Park Director on duty at the start of each party.  Fees can be paid with credit/debit card or check (no cash). 

Ø  Reservations can only be made by a park member and a member must be present for the full event.


Members & Guests:  Keep this area safe and sanitary for all to enjoy.  Hosts are responsible for ensuring their guests abide by all Park rules, and for cleaning up after your picnic/party.


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