Sunnyside Gardens Park Rules






1. Sunnyside Gardens Park is open every day, providing the weather is not hazardous, and the Park Director or Park Relief is on duty, except for Christmas Day. The park is open from 10:00 am to sunset, except when special events are scheduled. The Park may open at 12pm on New Year’s Day.

2. All members and their guests who come upon the Park premises and use its facilities do so at their own risk.

3. No child under eight years of age will be allowed in the Park unless accompanied by an adult.

4. Lavatories are for the convenience of Park members and their guests - do not loiter in them, dirty or deface them.  Children under five years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Children must not be washed in the lavatory sink. 

5. The following activities are not permitted at any time: tree climbing, climbing onto the roof of any structure in the Park, the carrying of sticks, digging or playing within planting beds or planting containers, the erection of club or tree-houses in the park or on surrounding property, ball playing against the Park House or shed, and any play which has the potential of harming one-self or others. 

6. Smoking is permitted in the back portion of the Picnic Area along 50th Street only.

7. Glass of any kind is NOT allowed in the Park.

8. No dogs or other animals are permitted in the Park.

9. No one is permitted in the Park Office except for temporary medical emergencies, equipment sign-out and return, or Park Duty volunteer.

10. If a baby-sitter is using the Park with his/her own children as well as the child (ren) he/she is caring for, the baby-sitter fee will apply.  Park members are responsible for listing the names of all baby-sitters on the membership application and renewal form and must inform the Park Director of any changes.

11. Disputes concerning any activity or the use of any equipment or area of the Park will be arbitrated by the Park Director, whose decision will be final.

12. Music players are permitted if they are not loud and do not interfere with other members around them or nearby residents.

13. In order to request special use of any Park area or facility a SGCA Facility Use Agreement must be completed and submitted to the Park Director for Board approval


14. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades are to be ridden in designated areas only.  All said use of equipment requires the rider to wear a helmet per state law. NO HELMET then NO WHEELS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

15. Riding down the inclined walkway through the main gate into the Park is strictly prohibited; violators are subject to suspension for the remainder of the day.

16. Bicycles may not be ridden in the picnic area when it is being utilized. Bicycles and other riding toys are not to be ridden in the lowers.

17. Motorized riding equipment is strictly prohibited.

18. All children three years of age and under must be supervised by an adult in all areas of the Park.  The upper playground area and swing area, adjoining the south side of the Park House, is primarily designated for the use of children seven years of age and under. The lowers are primarily for children seven years of age and older. However, children ages 5 & 6 may use the lowers if they are accompanied by an adult. No water play is allowed in the sand areas.


19. The use of hard baseballs is strictly prohibited.

20. The playing of softball is restricted to members of softball teams only, and will be permitted only under the supervision of the persons in charge of the activity.  The teams may use bats and balls only on the field. Supervisors are responsible for recovering and removing all bats and balls before leaving the Park.  Persons with baby carriages and small children are warned against standing or sitting in the area of the ball field and do so at their own risk.

21. Softball/stickball/box ball may be played only on the baseball field and at posted times only.  Schedules are posted at the Park entrance. 

22. Tennis facilities will be available to members and guests by making arrangements with the Park Director, and upon payment of the prevailing fees. There will be no exceptions.


23. Sprinklers will be turned on when weather permits at the discretion of the Park employees.  No one is to touch the sprinklers while they are in operation.  Bikes and riding equipment are not to be ridden through the water flow.  Toys are not allowed in the sprinklers.

24. Filling of water toys in the bathrooms is strictly forbidden.  NO WATER PLAY IS ALLOWED IN THE BATHROOMS.


33. Members shall be required to repair or replace any Park property or equipment damaged or destroyed due to improper use or careless neglect on the part of themselves, their children or their guests. Failure to meet this responsibility will result in suspension from the Park and non-renewal of membership until restitution has been made.

34. Children using toys in a harmful or dangerous way will have them confiscated, and returned only to a parent.

35. Parents will be notified by the Park Director when a child is to be suspended. If the parents cannot be reached immediately, they will be notified later that day and the child’s suspension will begin the following day. Each suspension will be noted in the Park Log and the reason noted.

36. Members who fail to pay dues, late fees or volunteer hour assessments will not be permitted to use the Park’s facilities until arrangements are made or fees paid.

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