Sunnyside Gardens Community Association

Volunteer Commitment Program

Effective April 1, 2013

Memberships begin April 1st of each year and last a full year. Member volunteer hours are vital to the functioning of the Park.  They help to keep the cost of membership low and fosters the collective volunteer spirit. All member families are required to perform 12 hours during the membership year. In lieu of volunteer hours, members can pay an Activities Fee of $180 to the Park (the equivalent of $15 per volunteer hour).  To ensure adequate Park functioning during the year when there aren’t enough volunteer hours, the Park needs to collect volunteer hour payments sooner.  A membership is in good standing when volunteer hours meet the required schedule.

Volunteer Hours will be reviewed during the course of the year according to the following schedule:

  • By July 31st of the membership year, members are required to have completed equal to or greater than 6 hours of volunteer time.  If volunteer hours are not complete, members are required to contact the Park Office and pay for their uncompleted hours.  A Membership will be suspended until volunteer hours have been completed or the equivalent payment made. Suspensions will be reviewed every 30 days.
  • By March 31st of the membership year (i.e., on the last day of the membership year), members are required to have completed at least 12 hours of volunteer time. If volunteer hours are not complete, members will be required to pay for their uncompleted hours in order to renew their membership. Memberships will not be renewed until payment is made in full for remainder of hours.


Additional points:

1.    Each member must fulfill hours in positions that fall into the following two categories:

·         Events

·         Clean-up or Special Projects (including Board Committee representation)


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