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The Open Call has closed and the drawing was held June 2, 2021 at 7pm. Individuals on the waitlist have been contacted as spots became available and the waitlist is now closed.
Thank you for your interest in the Park and we hope to see you for another Open Call next year.


May 1-31: Entries Accepted   |  June 2: Drawing Held    June 2-16: Enrollment    June 30: Waitlist Closes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the drawing work?
    Beginning May 1, 2021 interested individuals will complete an online entry form. Contact information will be collected and a random lottery number will be issued. The entry period will last for 30 days. On June 2, representatives from the Park will conduct the drawing via Zoom. Participants have the option of joining the meet live, or watching a recorded version later. The representative will use a computerized randomizer to sort the list of entry numbers. Selected entries will be contacted by email with instructions for formal application and the remaining entries will remain on a waitlist for two weeks. During those two weeks, if any selected entrants decline their invitation to apply for membership, waitlisted individuals will be contacted. After June 30, the window for application will close and no waitlist will be maintained. We will conduct this process with full transparency and anonymity to ensure 100% fairness and confidence in the process.

  • How many memberships will be available?
    The number of memberships available will vary from year to year, as it is based on in-zone membership levels and park capacity. The actual number of memberships offered will be communicated at the drawing on June 2. 

  • If I’m selected, can my family members join?
    Yes, all immediate family members residing in your home can be part of your membership.

  • How much will it cost?
    Dues range from $42 for seniors to $351 per year for a family of 3 or more. This amount is billed annually. A one-time initiation fee of $200 is also due at the time of joining. Members are welcome to request an alternate payment schedule if the up-front cost is prohibitive. A full list of membership types and dues can be found here.

  • If I’m selected, can my babysitter join?
    Yes, a caregiver may be added to your membership for an additional annual fee of $142. 

  • If I’m selected, when will I need to pay the membership fee?
    After you are notified of selection, you will have 14 days to submit your application and pay initial membership dues. You may also request an alternate payment schedule at this time.

  • Is a tennis membership included?
    No, a tennis membership is not included but can be purchased separately. Find more information here.

  • Do all members have to volunteer?
    Yes, every membership comes with a volunteer requirement, ranging from 6 hours for a single membership to 12 hours for a family membership. These hours can be fulfilled in a wide variety of ways, according to abilities and preferences. 

  • Will there be a waitlist after the lottery?
    All entries NOT selected during the lottery will be placed in random order on a waitlist for two weeks. If anyone who was selected decides not to join, individuals on the waitlist will be notified of an availability. 
    The waitlist will expire on June 16. Those not selected can reapply next year. 

  • Are friends or family of current members given priority in this lottery?
    No, family and friends of current members are not given priority. The lottery will use anonymity to ensure that the selection process is random. 

  • What activities are available at the Park?
    The Park features a bike track, skate ramp, ping pong table, baseball diamond, soccer goals, tennis courts, basketball courts, sprinklers, playgrounds and a picnicking area. In addition, many events and organized activities are held at the Park throughout the year.

  • Can I visit the Park before I apply?
    If you would like to visit, please email to request a tour.  You can also stop by the Park and ring the doorbell near the entry gate. If a Park employee is available, they can let you in and show you around. 

  • What are the borders of the membership zone?
    The zone map can be viewed here:

  • If I am selected and join, will I need to re-enter the lottery every year?
    No. Once you apply and join, you are a regular member of the Park and will simply renew your membership yearly. You will not need to participate in the lottery again to retain your membership. 

  • If I’m not selected, is there any other way I can join the Park?
    At this time park membership is limited to residents in a specified zone near the Park, as well as those selected during this process. We are planning to hold a membership open call each year and prior applicants are welcome to apply again. Non-members are allowed to visit the Park as guests of members, or to attend several Park events that are open to the public. 
    Tennis memberships (which do not include full Park access) are available to people who live both in and outside of the Park’s zone. 

  • How does the Park work in terms of being “volunteer-led?”
    While the Park has a few paid employees, the vast majority of operations are taken care of by members who volunteer.There is a volunteer requirement for most members; this fosters our sense of community and a shared responsibility for our Park. Volunteers serve on the Park board and other committees that serve a variety of purposes from taking care of the Park grounds, organizing sports activities or putting on events for the community.

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